Well summer is finally here and the last of the snow in Scottsdale has melted so you can all get your Ferraris out of winter storage. Oh sorry - that's for the members up north. 

We have some new events for July but attendance is limited so sign up now as we've been selling out fast.


Review of Pomo Dinner

What a great evening this turned out to be. Our hosts at Pomo went all out for the fifty plus members who enjoyed a wonderful, hearty Italian dinner. Our gratitude goes out to to Stefano and Cricket who comped us Prosecco to start and Limoncello to finish. Reserved parking right in front turned into a very colorful display of Ferraris and Maseratis. The consensus was that we need to have an FCA dinner at Pomo every year.


Review of Canadian Grand Prix & Brunch at Penske Racing Museum

Well Scottsdale Ferrari/Maserati certainly raised the bar with a total first class event. Our thanks goes out to our hosts - Gary Simon, Tim Cupp, Chad Morgan and Valentina Dibbern. A special cinema setting was laid out by LMC (Legendary Music & Cinema) with a huge screen and what we estimate was at least $250,000 worth of audio equipment, which in many ways was better than actually being in Montreal for the race. A fabulous brunch buffet of a variety of delicious, overstuffed sandwiches, huge bowls of potato and pasta salad, cheese platters, gourmet cookies, blondies and brownies plus cold drinks kept us all well fed and quenched. An over-enthusiastic young Dutchman took Vettel's front wing off within the first few corners relegating him to almost the very back of the pack but his skill and tenacity combined with the best F1 car in the world enabled him to finish an amazing fourth, and with just a few more laps, inevitably a podium. Kimi came in seventh with overheating brakes. Still it was an exciting race with lots of overtaking. We have been invited back for the USGP on Sunday October 22nd and LMC are installing an even larger screen and more equipment. LMC is the southwest's premium retailer, designer and installer of world-class audio/video components so we can expect something spectacular.